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Steps to a Successful Registration

Step 1: Check your Student Center in MyBlugold CampS to find your appointment time.

Step 2: Obtain a degree audit from Blugold CampS Student Center
You will find it in the pull-down menu “other academics.”  A degree audit lists everything you need to complete your degree and indicates which requirements you have met. 


Step 3: Check for any “holds” on your registration. 
“Holds” will be listed in a box on the right side of your “Student Center.” All students start will have one “business office” hold each semester.  The other is for the Payment Plan Agreement (PPA) form; you need to sign it electronically and is located on the left hand menu bar of your student center.  There could be other holds that prevent you from registering, you can view all your holds by selecting the appropriate links.  It's best to rectify all your holds before your appointed registration date/time.


Step 5: Make an appointment with an adviser.
At this time you will receive your PAC (Personal Advising Code). Do this way ahead of your appointment time.  All students with fewer than 60 credits and students in academic difficulty must see an adviser and get a PAC. In addition, all students in the College of Business, regardless of the number of credits, must see an adviser. And, of course, it is best for all students to see their adviser every semester.

Step 6: Review your degree audit (See Degree Audit Guide for help).

Step 7: Use “Class schedule search” or “search by subject” to see what courses are offered.

Step 8: Choose a long list of courses.
Use the General Education list as an easy guide to what is offered next semester.

Step 9: Use your “shopping cart” to begin planning your schedule.
While there is no point in spending lots of time planning the perfect schedule, it is important to do two things with the shopping cart:

  • Validate your course selections--- this will show if you have the prerequisites for the courses, whether any permissions are required, etc.
  • Check periodically to see if your selections close.

REMEMBER: Your shopping cart is just a planning tool.  It does not guarantee that you will get into the classes, nor does it actually register you.  YOU MUST STILL REGISTER AT YOUR APPOINTED TIME.  

Step 10: Register through MyBlugold CampS.


Step 11: Request a new degree audit

Step 12: Be persistent

Step 13: Check your schedule once grades come out
Once you have received your grades, make certain that your second semester schedule is still appropriate.  In general, at least a C is expected in a prerequisite class.


What if the major on my degree audit isn’t the one I want now?
You need to go to the department of the major to change your major or minor.  See the Change of Major website.

What if I am undeclared or am considering another major?  Can I get a degree audit for other majors?
You can request a “What-if degree audit” through My Blugold CampS.  It is an option when you choose “Degree audit” on the “other academics” drop down menu.  You can choose a new major, minor, catalogue year.  The computer “pretends” you have changed. The audit will be emailed to you.

Why do I have a “business hold?” I’ve paid my tuition?
You may have an unpaid fine for the library or from textbooks you returned late, for example.  These will be listed on your account.

What does a “transcript hold” mean?
You must have any transcripts from high school or any previous colleges you attended on file before you can register.

Should I drop a course first and then add?
You should drop and add at the same time.  It is called “swapping” and there is a special tab for it within the enrollment part of MyBlugold CampS.  If you do it this way, you will only be dropped from the course if you successfully add another one.

It says the course is open, but when I register for it the screen says “wait list.” What does that mean?
That means the department is filling any openings from a waitlist.  You need to contact the department to get on that list.

What should I do if a course I really need is closed?
You can call the department to see if there are waiting lists or contact the instructor to see if you can get an overload/override.  And keep checking the system!