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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it o.k. for my student to go below full time? To top

Dropping below full time (12 credits for a regular semester) can cause problems in the following areas:

Athletic eligibility - Students have to maintain 12 credits while competing. The student should check with the coach to see if there is a problem.

Financial aid - Students’ financial aid is based on ENROLLED credits, determined at the end of the drop period (the first two weeks of the semester for fall and spring). If the student changes their enrolled credits after their aid is disbursed (generally on the first day of classes) but before the end of the drop period their financial aid will be adjusted, if appropriate. In some cases, this may mean the student must repay some of the aid received.

If students drop a class after the drop period, their aid is not adjusted.

However, students have to successfully complete 67% of the credits for which they enroll (F’s and incompletes do not count) to maintain financial aid eligibility for the following year.

Veterans benefits - Check with Veterans Services for more information.

In addition, withdrawing from more than one course can affect your academic standing.

For more information see "Issues to Consider before Withdrawing From a Class".

2. What is considered full time? To top

For fall and spring a student must be enrolled in 12 credits. A full explanation can be found at the Registrar’s web site.

3. I need enrollment verification for health insurance. Where does my student go? To top

A student can request his online .

4. My student is not doing well in a course. How does he/she get help? To top

The Student Success Center (2104 Centennial Hall), which includes the Academic Skills Center, Center for Writing Excellence and the Math Lab is a great place to start. 

The Academic Skills Center provides tutoring in specific subjects, as well as time management and study skills. 

Some departments also provide their own tutoring.

5. How can I see my student’s grades? To top

The easiest way to see your student’s grades is to ask them to forward you a copy of their grade report, which is emailed to them.  They can also request a transcript that they can forward to you.

A student may give permission for you to access his/her records by filing an on-line  Student Information Release Authorization form. For more information, consult Registration's Web site.

6. What does academic warning mean? To top

A student is placed on academic warning the first time they do not meet the standards for remaining in good standing. These include:

  1. a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above AND
  2. a semester grade point average of 2.0 or above AND
  3. remaining registered for, and receiving grades for at least 75% of the total semester registration from the end of the drop period until the end of the semester.

Academic warning is only given once.  A complete discussion of academic standing and help for students in academic difficulty is found on the Registrar’s web site.

7. How are G.P.A.’s calculated? To top

There is an on-line GPA calculator that calculates the semester GPA and can help a student figure out what grades are needed to raise the GPA

8. What is required to receive academic distinction? To be on the dean’s list? To top

To be eligible Academic Distinction, full-time students must be in good standing and have completed 12 or more credits during the semester, with a semester and resident GPA of 3.20 or higher.  

Part-time students who meet the following criteria are also eligible: (1) initially register as part-time students (6 to 11 enrolled credits), (2) complete the semester in good academic standing, (3) complete 6 to 11 credits during the semester, and (4) earn both a semester and resident GPA of 3.20 or higher.

Eligibility for the Dean’s list varies by college. Consult the University Catalog for specific information.

9. What if my student is sick and will be out for more than 3 days? Who do I notify? To top

You should contact the Dean of Students Office. They will contact the instructors.

10. My student wants to take a course this summer back home. How do we know if it transfers? To top

Equivalencies for all UW System schools and Wisconsin Technical Colleges can be found on the Transfer Information System (TIS).  Equivalencies for all universities can be found on "Transfer Wizard"   See Registration Services for more information.

Course equivalencies for private schools in Wisconsin and for Minnesota Schools are available on the UW-Eau Claire Registrar’s web page.

Prior approval forms: It is wise to do paperwork before you take the course. If they are going to Wisconsin or Minnesota school you should print out the equivalency currently on the web (see above), sign and date it, and turn it in to the Registration Office, Schofield 128.

11. Does UW-Eau Claire offer on-line courses? To top

UW-Eau Claire offers a limited number of on-line courses--- especially during the summer and winterim.  A special web-page lists on-line courses.

12. How does my student know who his/her adviser is? To top

The adviser is listed on MyBlugold CampS on "Student Center"

13. Can my student change his/her adviser? To top

Your student has the right to change an adviser. This is done in the department of the major.

14. How does my student go about changing the major or minor? To top

Changing a major or minor is done in the academic department.  See the Registrar’s web site for a a complete list of procedures.

Remind your student that this process may take time, since they will be required to set up an appointment with an adviser.

How does my student get a transcript?   

Both official and unofficial transcripts can be requested on-line through “MyBlugold CampS.”

15. How do I find out about online courses? To top
Each semester and term, UW-Eau Claire offers many online courses and programs that allow you to earn college credit at times and from locations that are convenient for you.
How to Access Online Courses

  1. View the Registrar's Office Class Schedules page.
  2. Click on Self Service > Class Search.
  3. Choose the desired term using the drop-down arrow. 
  4. Under Additional Search Criteria, in Mode of Instruction, select online.  
  • Please note, these instructions will show only open classes.
  • If you wish to see all online courses in a given term, you must uncheck the Show Open Classes Only box.

16. How does my student get a transcript? To top

Both official and unofficial transcripts can be requested on-line through “MyBlugold CampS.”

17. How do I make sure that our travel plans don’t conflict with my student’s finals? To top

The preliminary finals schedule is available on the Registrar’s home page.

Common exam times will be determined during the first month of the semester. Once they are determined, the student’s exact exam schedule will be found on MyBlugold CampS in the "Student Center"  No travel plans prior to the last day of finals should be made until common exam times are established since university policy prohibits faculty from giving exams early.