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Student Transfer Evaluations
Once a student is accepted at UW-Eau Claire, they are able to access their evaluation of transfer credits via myBlugold CampS.  At the time of Orientation/Registration, a student transfer evaluation with course equivalencies is put into the student's advising folder.

Transfer Equivalencies
Courses may transfer as specific UW-Eau Claire courses (for example: PSYC 100 - General Psychology) or as elective courses.

When a specific UW-Eau Claire course equivalent does not exist a series of 900 numbers are used.  The second digit - if it is between 1 and 5 - indicates the General Education (GE) category it fulfills.  For example: 930 is an elective course that can help to fulfill GE category III)

Transfer Elective Examples

  • 907L (LD Elective)
  • 915 (LD GE 1A)
  • 917L (LD GE 1B)
  • 920L (LD GE2)
  • 925L (LD GE2/LAB SCI)
  • 930L (LD GE3)
  • 940L (LD GE4)
  • 950L (LD GE 5)



Courses not evaluated will transfer as:

Trans 100 - Consult
- A student has received credit for the course, but a course equivalent could not be determined.*
Trans 101 - Defer
- A student has not received credit for the course.*

*In both these cases, the student should go to the appropriate department chair to have the course evaluated, bringing the Transfer Credit Evaluation and, if possible, a course outline or syllabus (including the title of the textbook used) and a copy of the school catalogue.

Symbols on a Student Transfer Evaluation

L or LD Lower division (freshman sophomore course work)
U or UD Upper division (junior, senior course work)
IP In progress. Transfer evaluation pending until receipt of final, official transcript.
O Original attempt of course; no earned credit and not part of transfer G.P.A.
TRPL Second attempt at a course.  Calculated in transfer G.P.A. and credit is earned.
TROA The course is being recorded and calculated in transfer G.P.A. but credit is not being applied to the total credit requirement.
Reject Rule Found Course is not accepted.

NOTE: Transfer Advisers Katie Ritland Clouse ( and Erik Rotvold ( are available to assist transfer students and advisers. Call 715-836-3487, Advising & New Student Initiatives, Schofield 226, during business hours.