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NOTE: The "Step by Step Guide to Registration," designed for students, answers most of the commonly asked questions.

Student Advising Handouts has a number of useful resources.

Notification of Registration Time

Students are sent an e-mail when their registration appointment time is available on MyBlugold CampS.  The e-mail is sent approximately three weeks prior to the start of the registration period.

Class Schedules and Course Searching

  • Class Schedules are available on-line the third week in September for the spring semester and the third week of February for the fall semester.


Personal Advising Code (PAC)

Approximately three weeks before the start of the registration period, faculty can view their advisees' PAC and appointment time on MyBlugold CampS.  Students should be encouraged to make an appointment with their advisers well ahead of their registration appointment time.

PACs are used to indicate a student has seen an adviser. The following students require PACS: students who have completed fewer than 60 credits; students in academic difficulty, no matter how many credits they have; all College of Business students; all new transfer students pursuing their first degree.

TIP: Notifying your advisees of your office hours and procedures for scheduling an advising appointment helps to get students in ahead of time.

When can a student register?

Registration appointments are determined by number of earned credits.  A student is allowed to access the registration system 15 minutes before the appointment time.

What if the student can't register at the appointed time?

  1. The student may have HOLDS that prevent registration.
  2. It may not be the student's scheduled time to access the registration system. (Students can register any time after their assigned registration time)


It is not a good idea to have someone else register for the student. With the new registration system, the student would have to give another person their password.

Fee Payment

Students must make a $100 down payment before they register. This deposit goes toward their tuition and is refundable if the student cancels before the beginning of classes. Students with extreme financial hardship may request a one time deferment from the Financial Aid Office provided an application for financial aid has been received by that Office.

How to pay the $100: The student can

  • Pay in person at the Cashier's window, Schofield 108
  • Mail it to UW-Eau Claire
    PO Box 5000
    Eau Claire, WI   54702-5000
  • Pay on-line from a bank account

Registration Holds

There are two common reasons for registration holds:

  1. Financial: A student has past bills and/or fines.
  2. Admissions hold: New freshmen and transfer students cannot register until we have received their final transcripts

NOTE: A student can determine whether he/she has a hold by checking MyBlugold CampS.

Pre-assignments, pre-enrollments, special permissions, etc.

Tip # 1: Remind students about courses that require pre-assignments or pre-enrollments. These often need to be taken care of long before the student registers. Common courses include: Spanish 102, 201, 202; French 102, 201, 202; English 112.

Tip # 2: When you give students special permission to get into your course, please make certain that it is entered on the computer.

Prerequisite checks

The Registration system checks for prerequisites. Students who do not have the published prerequisites will not be allowed to register for the course.

  • The computer system considers "courses in progress" as meeting prerequisites.
  • Students who do not have placements tests on file will not be allowed to register for the sequential math courses or for any foreign language courses, even the first one.
  • The computer system will NOT keep freshmen out of upper division courses unless the course has a specific classification restriction (i.e., junior status required).