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Dropping/Adding Classes

POLICY ON DROPPING CLASSES: Students are allowed to drop a full semester class with no record of enrollment through the first two weeks of classes. Dropped classes do not count in the total semester enrollment. 

Advising Tips:

  • Some departments drop students who do not attend the first day of class or miss more than a certain number of classes the first week. Students should be warned about this.

However, because of this practice, many students believe that if they do not attend any class that they will be automatically dropped, and this is not usually the case. Students should always officially drop a class in which they do not want to be enrolled.

  • Dropping below full time status can have serious implications for financial aid, veterans benefits, athletic eligibility and health insurance benefits.
  • Students are sent an email shortly before the drop deadline with a copy of their schedule. They are asked to review their schedule and make certain that it is accurate. Because of this reminder, deans are unlikely to agree to a retroactive drop.  


  • Students may add full semester classes during the first two weeks of classes.
  • During the second week of classes adding a course is not automatic. The instructor and the adviser must approve it.
  • After the second week of classes the dean's signature is also required.


Section changes are allowed during the first four weeks. Both instructors must sign the form.


Certain departments allow students to drop down a level during the first four weeks. Both instructors and an adviser must sign the form.

Courses included:

All mathematics courses
All foreign language courses
Chemistry 104, 115
Physics 231