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Advising Students with Special Academic Needs

Developmental Education Courses help students develop academic learning strategies and critical thinking skills necessary for success at the college-level. The GEN 100 -103 courses are particularly useful for new students with a high school rank in class of 60th percentile or below, ACT scores of 21 or below, and minimal high school preparation. They are also beneficial for students who are returning to school after a number of years, some transfer students with weak academic backgrounds or those who express concerns about their college level study skills. GEN 201 is a special course designed to assist students on probation after suspension. Referrals usually come directly from the deans.

GEN 250 is a course designed for any student who would like to explore future career choices.

All courses are preassigned; contact the Academic Skills Center (715-836-5844, Old Library 2112) for more information.

Developmental Course Offerings include: 

  • GEN 100 Introduction to University Curriculum (1-3 credits): Provides a structured introduction to college that allows students to improve academic skills and develop relationships with various campus support services. GEN 100 may be incorporated into Student Support Services, the Collegiate Bridge Program, the Commanding English Program, or offered on its own as a student success course.

  • GEN 101 Introduction to Studying the Sciences (1 credit): Designed to improve student academic performance in introductory science courses. Learning techniques and strategies such as scientific problem solving, text and lecture note taking, exam preparation, laboratory and test-taking skills are included. Students enrolled in GEN 101 must also enroll in a designated introductory science course such as BIOL 151 or CHEM 103.

  • GEN 102 College Learning Strategies in the Discipline (2 credits): Provides an introduction to college reading and learning strategies necessary for success in social science and humanities courses. Strategies include text reading and lecture note-taking systems, time management, exam preparation and test-taking skills. Students enrolled in GEN 102 must also enroll in a designated humanities or social science course such as Sociology 101, Psychology 100, History 201, or Economics 103.

  • GEN 103 Critical Thinking in the Discipline (1-2 credits): Assists students develop the higher-level critical reading, writing and thinking skills necessary for success in a variety of university disciplines. Students enrolled in GEN 103 must also enroll in a designated co-requisite course such as English 140, Religion 100, or Geography 111.

  • GEN 110 Strategies for Academic Success (1 credit): Designed to assist student development of successful academic and persona strategies necessary to meet demands at the college level by formulating educational goals, examining effective learning strategies and making informed decisions.

  • GEN 201 Student Success Seminar (1 credit): Helps students on probation after suspension to identify the factors leading to the suspension and aims to increase the likelihood of regaining good academic standing through self-assessment and skill-building activities.

  • GEN 250 Academic and Career Exploration (1 credit): GEN 250 is designed to teach students how to make informed choices about their lives, education, and careers through the use of self-assessment and occupational research strategies.

  • GEN 260 Graduate School Exploration (1 credit; restricted to students in Student Support Services (SSS) only)  Each fall, the SSS program offers this course to qualified students interested in pursuing graduate school.  Issues pertaining to graduate program options, admission requirements, application procedures, writing personal statements, obtaining quality references, financial resources, and graduate exam preparation are explored in detail.  Campus visits to nearby graduate programs are provided for participants. Contact the SSS Academic Advising Coordinator for more information.