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Withdrawing from the University

Withdrawing from the University begins in the office of the College in which the student is enrolled. In emergencies the process can be done for the student by the Dean of Students Office.

Academic Consequences of withdrawing from the university:

  • Withdrawing from the university during the first two weeks of classes (the official period for adding or dropping classes) results in no academic penalty. A student receives either a full or partial refund of fees. A statement on the transcript indicates that the student withdrew from the University.

  • Withdrawal from the university during the third through the tenth week of classes will be reported as "W's" on the student's transcript.

  • Withdrawing from the University after the tenth week of classes will normally result in grades of "F's" for all unfinished classes. Exceptions to this policy, generally given for extenuating circumstances, may be obtained from the Dean of the College in which the student is enrolled, usually upon the recommendation of the Associate Dean of Students.


  • A student, including a Special Student, who is enrolled in only one course, must complete a "Request to Withdraw from the University" form, rather than a "change of registration" form.

  • Admitted students who withdraw during the semester do not have to reapply for the following semester; they will be sent registration information.