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While students are expected to meet the graduation requirements as outlined in the Catalogue, situations requiring special attention do arise. In almost all cases, any deviation from the written requirements in the Catalogue require a "Petition for Waiver or Substitution."


  1. The student obtains a "Petition for Waiver or Substitution" form from the department or Dean's office.
  2. On the form, the student indicates the waiver or substitution requested, and a justification for the exception.
  3. The form is signed by the adviser and the department chair; it is then turned into the dean's office for approval.
  4. A copy of the form is submitted to the Registrar's office where the waiver or substitution is noted on the student's record (on the database).


  • Approved petitions appear at the end of a students degree audit. The student should check to see that it has been properly recorded.
  • Petitions are specific to a college. If a student changes to a new college, the petition must be redone.

Situations where a petition may be necessary:

  • When a course transfers without a course number designation, but you want it to fulfill a specific course requirement.  (This most commonly occurs for courses in one's major).
  • To use a transferred course without a specific course designation or appropriate notation to meet General Education, cultural diversity, service learning, foreign culture, or wellness requirements.
  • To use a transfer course with a GEIV elective designation to meet a specific subcategory requirement.
  • To substitute one course for another in a major or minor, most commonly necessary because of course availability.

    Adviser Tip: Students should think in terms of substitutions rather than waivers. An actual waiver of a requirement is rarely granted.