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Trudy Bement


Academic Adviser - SSS Program

Contact Information:
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
226 Schofield Hall
Phone: 715.836.3487
Fax: 715.836.4939

I advise undeclared students in the TRiO – Student Support Services Program. I also I teach a section of GEN 100 (Introduction to University Curriculum) and assist with TRiO SSS programming.

I fit the "TRiO" mold….I was a first-generation student who received the Pell grant as a returning adult student. I was also a single parent. I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology (Corporate Fitness) from UWEC in 1995. I attained my Masters of Science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation (Vocational Evaluation and Rehabilitation Counseling) from UW-Stout in 1998. From 2001 to 2011, I was an Academic Adviser with UW-Stout's TRiO – Student Support Services program, known as ASPIRE. I love to advocate for this student population because I was "one of them". I enjoy sharing my story in hopes of increasing their confidence, in reaching their own success, and in attaining their undergraduate degree.

Family is extremely important to me. I grew up in a big family and married into one. I have a beautiful blended family with my husband Kelly. Together, we have four children who are four years apart; now that made the high school years interesting. I also have been blessed with a grand-daughter who is of course the center of attention. I also enjoy baking, yes from scratch…is there any other way? My family jokes and calls me "Martha"!

Were you Undeclared?
Yes, I was undeclared until the end of my sophomore year when I was instructed to meet with this very same office and talk with an Undeclared Adviser about declaring a major. I knew I wanted to work with people (my first education out of high school was Cosmetology). While thinking between Psychology and Corporate Fitness, my then Non-traditional Student Adviser helped me to take classes that would work for both majors. I chose Corporate Fitness and was able to declare a Topical Minor which allowed me to attain my Undergraduate degree in four years.

Something Fun!
While working at UW-Stout, I Coordinated and Co-taught a Short-term Global class for 6 years which gave first-time travel abroad experience to 96 TRiO students. We traveled to Paris and Pontlevoy, France, Budapest, Hungary, Prague, Czech Republic, and to Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Vatican City, Italy. For 3 years, I Coordinated and Co-taught a Short-term Cultural class which gave first-time national travel to 55 TRiO students. We traveled to Newark, New Jersey, New York, New York, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!