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Chippewa Valley Free Clinic


836 Richard Drive
Eau Claire, WI 54701


Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–1 p.m..

Contact Information

Charlotte Hudgins
phone  715-839-8477
fax  715-839-8521

Purpose of the Organization

The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic provides health services and advocacy for the people of the Chippewa Valley who have no health care alternative.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

> Office Administrative Assistant - Support the work of the Executive Director, Office Manager and Volunteer Coordinator
> Clinic Administrative Assistant - Support the work of the Clinic Director and Nursing Supervisor.
> Clinic Receptionist - Assist patients in the registration process and answer the phones on clinic nights
> Diabetic Educator - Provide education to patients and their families on diabetes, nutrition and medication and insulin adjustments
> Executive Assistant - Assist the Executive Director with one-time and on-going projects

> Interpreter -Work with Spanish speaking patients and acts as a conduit between patients and medical professionals by listening to the professional and orally translating information into a patient's native language in layman's terms

> Lab Technician -Perform tests at the free clinic and draw samples to be tested at Mayo Health System or Sacred Heart Hospital
> Meal Provider - Provide meals to the volunteers during clinic hours
> Nurse - Efficiently move patients through the clinic process and ensure that all orders have been carried out and make sure that the patient has been given appropriate instruction
> Office Receptionist - Answer phones, take messages, file charts, and other office tasks during daytime hours.
> Patient Advocate - Helps patients complete the paperwork for the assistance program and mails in the completed paperwork.
> Pharmacy Technician - Assisting the medication coordinator at the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic in dispensing medications to patients
> Provider - Evaluate and treat low-income adults with minor urgent care issues or stable chronic diseases

> Public Relations & Communications - Assist management in presenting the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic in a professional and timely manner. Manage all social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and keep them up to date on the company’s information.

> Special Projects -Assist clinic staff in short term projects such as mass mailings, yearly raffle, open house or representing CVFC at community events
> Technical Writer - Assist management in writing documents that include protocols, promotional materials, and grants
> Website Management - Update and post content from the organization generated by writers and photographers


Health Care Services

Information & Referral Services
Mental Health Services