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Events  :  Spring 2017

Welcome to The Lookout

Full Semester Schedule



Come and join us every Friday at 8pm 

in The Lookout.


Zumba is every Tuesday and Thursday

in The Lookout at 7:15pm.

Lookout Programming

No Bake Bit Night

Join The Lookout team in making some sweet treats that require no heat at all. Feel free to take the left overs home!

Craft Night 

Come and make a new take home craft every month. Spice up your dorm room with these nifty DIYs.

Karaoke Night

Pick your favorite tune and sing your heart out, while all your peers cheer you on!

Swing Band

Jump back to the 1920's and swing your way through the night, to a live swing band. Bring a partner and your dancing shoes.

Canvas Painting

Come over to The Lookout, grab a canvas and some paint and cover your canvas in anything you wish!

Grocery Bingo

Play some bingo and win free food!