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The Forum Tradition

It is said that the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is Wisconsin's most beautiful campus. The Forum lecture series contributes to this beauty through the elegance of ideas.

The Forum maintains a tradition of being one of the longest continuous programs of its kind in the United States. The series has presented many of the leading personalities in the world since its creation in 1942.

President W.R. Davies was the prime mover in establishing The Forum within the first year of his administration, to express his vision of what the college might become as a cultural center. He transformed Eau Claire's after-dinner speakers club into a college-community partnership that selected an average of five speakers a year. Each Forum speaker would lecture for an hour, answer questions for half an hour, and then attend an informal reception. This has been the format of The Forum from its inception.



The Forum is made possible by student fees allocated by the UW-Eau Claire Student Senate. Each year's series is selected by an administrative committee composed of students, faculty-staff and community members.

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Aaron, Hank  |  The Courage to Succeed  1.25.82
Abzug, Bella  |  Feminism and Activism  9.2.79
Alexie, Sherman  |  Killing Indians: Myths, Lies and Exaggerations  4.19.00
Anderson, Jack  |  The Public’s Right to Know  9.20.72
Angelou, Maya  |  Women in Business  2.4.81  |  An Evening with Maya Angelou  2.23.88
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Bradlee, Ben  |  Washington and the Press  3.6.79
Bromfield, Louis  |  3.15.44
Buck, Pearl S.  |  An Evening with Pearl S. Buck  10.9.67
Buckley, William F., Jr.  |  Some of the Problems of Freedom  11.13.74
Burke, James  |  Information: The Complexity Effect  10.21.93
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Caldicott, Helen  |  George W. Bush and the Threat of Nuclear War  9.11.01
Chisholm, Shirley  |  Knowledge Is Power: The American People  4.23.87
Chomsky, Noam  |  Necessary Illusions: The Manufacture of Consent in a Democracy  3.14.89
Cousins, Norman  |  Dreaming About the Peace 1.12.49
Crist, Judith  |  Every Man His Own Critic  10.12.77
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Dawkins, Richard  |  Universal Darwinism  3.6.98
Deford, Frank  |  Sports in America  9.22.95
Deloria, Vine, Jr.  |  Indian Problems Today  4.11.73  |  Since Wounded Knee… A Decade of Indian–White Relations  3.18.83
De Voto, Bernard on writing  11.14.45
Durant, Will  |  The Destiny of Civilization  5.9.54
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Ebert, Roger  |  A Contemporary Look at American Film  9.24.92
Ehrlich, Paul  |  One Year After Earth Day  5.13.71
Eller, Carl  |  The Fifth Super Bowl  9.24.81
Evans, Bergen  |  1947–48
Evers, Charles Civil Rights: Revolution and Aftermath  10.9.68
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Farmer, James  |  The Civil Rights Revolution  2.19.68
Fossey, Dian  |  Years With the Mountain Gorilla  3.25.81
Fraser, Douglas  |  America’s Workers: Today and Tomorrow  1.28.86
Friedman, Milton  |  An Economist Speaks  10.24.74
Fuller, R. Buckminster  |  A Domeful of Ideas  1.30.74
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Galbraith, John Kenneth  |  The Problem of Priority in the Industrial State  5.8.70
Gallup, George, Jr.  |  The Impact of Polling on Your Life  9.20.76
Goodall, Jane  |  The Chimpanzees of Gombe  11.11.94
Greeley, Andrew M.  |  The Cardinal Sins: The Human Side of Religion  11.1.82
Guthrie, Sir Tyrone Of What Use Is a Serious Theatre?  3.17.69
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Harsch, Joseph C.  |  1950–51
Hayakawa, S.I.  |  Higher Education in the Next Decade  1971–72
Hersh, Seymour  |  Foreign Policy in an Election Year  10.22.02
Hindus, Maurice  |  1942–43  |  Russia’s New Game in Europe  10.25.55
Houseman, John  |  The Seven Theatres  1.28.80
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Ifill, Gwen  |  Politics, Policy and Reality: What’s Really Going on in Washington, D.C.  5.2.01
Ivins, Molly  |  Molly Ivins Can’t Say That, Can She?  9.23.93
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Jackson, Jesse  |  Operation Breadbasket  2.15.70
Jeremijenko, Natalie  |  The Climate Crisis and the Crisis of Agency: What To Do in the Face of Uncertain Threats  3.18.10
Jones, G.I.  |  Secret Societies and Their Impact on African Art in West Africa  10.4.84
Jordan, June  |  Changing Up the Future of Women  10.20.98
Judd, Walter  |  The Truth About China  1944–45
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Kaku, Michio  |  The World in 2020: Computers, Robots, DNA, Energy and Environment  11.6.03
Keillor, Garrison An Evening with Garrison Keillor  10.26.89
Kennedy, Robert F., Jr.  |  Our Environmental Destiny: The Future Whispers, The Present Shouts  2.3.94
King, Martin Luther, Jr.  |  Stride Toward Freedom  3.29.62
Kissinger, Henry A.  |  A New Approach to International Relations  1.4.67
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LaDuke, Winona  |  Environmental Justice from a Native Perspective  4.7.04
Lanchester, Elsa  | with Ray Henderson at the piano  |  Elsa Lanchester — Herself  4.12.62
Laurence, William L.  |  1947–48  |  The Truth About the Hydrogen Bomb  1.21.53
Lewis, Sinclair  |  with Lewis Browne  |  Is the Machine Age Wrecking Civilization?  11.17.43
Lu, Li  |  China: Tiananmen Square and Beyond  2.18.93
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Mead, Margaret  |  The Generation Gap  3.23.70
Mendès France, Pierre  |  A Modern Conception of Democracy  3.9.64
Meredith, James Celebrating the Dream  2.15.01
Montagu, Ashley  |  The Natural Superiority of Women  10.25.53  |  Is Violence Inherent?  3.19.80
Moore, Michael  |  An Evening with Michael Moore  11.25.97
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Nadelmann, Ethan  |  Building a Political Movement to End the War on Drugs  11.30.04
Nader, Ralph  |  Corporate Responsibility and Consumer Protection  9.23.70  |  The Battle for Consumer Justice  5.8.91  |  World Trade, Globalization and You: Bigger is Not Better  9.24.02
Nelson, Gaylord  |  4.10.90  |  4.20.99
Nixon, Richard M.
  |  3.19.68
Novotna, Jarmila  |  1956–57
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Ochsner, Alton  |  The Hazards of Smoking  11.16.64
Olmos, Edward James  |  An Evening with Edward James Olmos  5.4.93
Olson, Sigurd F.  |  Farewell to Saganaga 1 1.28.62
O’Neill, Gerard K.  |  The High Frontier  10.12.78
Ouchi, William G.  |  Theory Z: American Business and the Japanese Challenge  11.17.82
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Pearson, Drew  |  1958–59
Pike, James A.  |  The New Morality  2.25.68
Plimpton, George  |  An Amateur Among the Pros  1.30.78
Poussaint, Alvin F.  |  Are the New Lifestyles Shortchanging the Children?  2.15.79  |  The Psyche of a Racist Culture  4.25.89
Proxmire, William  |  My 30 Years in the Senate: McCarthy and Beyond  4.3.86
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Rabin, Yitzhak  |  on the situation in the Middle East  4.10.69
Ramos-Horta, José  |  Human Rights: Democracy and the Rule of Law in the Asia Pacific Region  4.7.99
Randi, James  |  The Search for the Chimera  5.1.01
Romulo, Carlos P.  |  America’s Stake in Asia  11.14.56  |  The Portrait of a New Asia  3.19.63
Rusesabagina, Paul  |  Hotel Rwanda: A Lesson Yet to Be Learned  9.27.05
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Sagan, Carl  |  Comets and the Origins and Evolution of Life  10.1.91
Sampson, Edith  |  on the effects of domestic racism on American international diplomacy  3.2.50
Scahill, Jeremy Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army  11.9.10
Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.  |  Has the United States a Foreign Policy?  4.2.52  |  Cycles in American History  10.29.87
Siskel, Gene  |  The Movies  11.11.86
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Terkel, Studs  |  Voices of Laboring America 4.22.76
Thomas, Norman  |  Problems — National and International  1.4.62
Thompson, Dorothy  |  A Return to Individual Responsibility  3.21.56
Totenberg, Nina  |  Covering the Courts: Cases, Convictions and Confirmations  1.28.93
Toynbee, Arnold  |  An Historian Looks at the World Today  5.11.63
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Udall, Stewart  |  1976: Agenda for Tomorrow  10.23.69
Ung, Loung  |  First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers  3.29.06
Untermeyer, Louis  |  What Americans Read — and Why  3.3.65
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