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Random Acts of Kindness Week

MARCH 3 – 7, 2014


Random Acts of Kindness Week is designed to provide University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students with five days that are dedicated to participating in activities that challenge them to be kind to everyone around them — friend or stranger. 

This marks the first year that UW-Eau Claire is participating in Random Acts of Kindness Week and we are celebrating by providing various opportunities for students to both engage in and generate their own random acts of kindness. Activities take place 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. in or near Davies Center. The schedule for these events follows.


RAK Your Brain For Random Acts of Kindness

Students will write down a few things that they plan to do as their goals for the week and will have the opportunity to sign their name on the Random Acts of Kindness Pledge in Davies Center, signifying their participation in the week’s events.


Sticky Note-able Kindness

Students will be provided Post-it notes and a station for them to write notes of kindness to pass out during lunch. They can be for friends, strangers, Dining Staff, custodians … whoever they see that they think might like a little encouragement!


The Little Things

Students will be encouraged to engage in simple acts of kindness throughout the day — acts that don’t take a lot of effort or cost. Hold a door open for someone, compliment someone, smile at a stranger … Be very aware of your actions and do your best to brighten someone’s day!


Heads Up!

Students will be provided with cards that contain a happy message and will be encouraged to tape a penny or other coin to the card, heads up. They will leave these coins heads up either on tables in the Marketplace or in other creative locations to spread a little luck to a random stranger.


Your Turn!

Students will create their own acts of kindness to participate in sometime over the weekend. It could be the Drive Thru Drop In, where an individual pays for the order of the car behind him or her, or even holding open the door for a friend. Ideas can be provided upon request.

Students are highly encouraged to post photos and/or descriptions of their experiences throughout the week to the Pay It Forward EC Facebook page or to tweet about it using #PayItForwardEC.