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Review of Tenured Faculty Performance

Recognizing that teaching, research, professional development, service to the public, the profession, and the University, as well as all other types of scholarly activity, contribute to the quality of educational opportunity available at the University, all faculty shall be evaluated in all aspects of the fulfillment of their professional commitment to the institution.

Performance Review

Reviews shall be conducted at least every 5 years for tenured faculty.

The Department Chair, the DPC, the promotion subcommittees, and designated academic administrators participate in one or more of several phases of the performance review of each faculty member.


The review of faculty performance should include, but is not limited to, consideration of teaching effectiveness, academic advising ability, scholarly activity, and service to the University, the profession, and the public.

The Department Personnel Committee of each department or functional equivalent shall develop and approve a written evaluation plan which further defines each of these general criteria (as listed above) and describes the relative emphasis to be given to each criterion. The Chair shall distribute the plan to department members, thereby informing them of the agreed upon criteria. The Departmental Evaluation Plan shall be reviewed annually by the Department Personnel Committee. Changes in the plan shall be reviewed and accepted by the Department Personnel Committee, Department Chair, Dean, and Provost and Vice Chancellor.

Procedures for Review

The DPC shall meet annually with all faculty and instructional staff of the department for the purpose of discussing the Department Criteria, the relative emphasis given to each of the criteria in the review of the individual faculty member's performance, and the procedures of the evaluation plan.

The DPC considers student evaluations and peer judgments of performance.

The Department Chair Review may be conducted by means of classroom observations, information presented by the faculty member, and information gathered by the DPC.

Salary Recommendation

The Department Chair initiates the salary recommendation based on review of the faculty member's performance which must include consideration of student evaluations.

During the first and second year of service, the faculty member is informed of the salary recommendation after reappointment has been determined.

During the third and subsequent years of service, the Department Chair must give written notice to the faculty member at least two weeks prior to forwarding his/her recommendation to the Dean.

Typically, recommendations are due to the Dean in mid-January and due to the Provost one week later.

This information is taken from the Faculty and Academic Staff Rules and Procedures.