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Timeline for Personnel Actions: Non-Teaching Academic Staff with Indefinite Status

Annually, by February 15, the immediate supervisor & academic staff member shall meet and review the performance of the academic staff member.

Personnel Rules: Renewal of Appointments and Tenure Recommendations for Probationary Faculty

The Personnel Rules for Renewal of Appointments for faculty appear on pages 57-59 of the Faculty and Academic Staff Rules and Procedures. What follows is a summary of those rules. It is advisable to refer to the complete text in the Rules and Procedures when making personnel decisions.

Salary & Promotion Timeline

Due from Department Chair/Unit director to Dean/Associate Vice/Vice Chancellor: December 15.

Review of Tenured Faculty Performance

Recognizing that teaching, research, professional development, service to the public, the profession, and the University, as well as all other types of scholarly activity, contribute to the quality of educational opportunity available at the University, all faculty shall be evaluated in all aspects of the fulfillment of their professional commitment to the institution.