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Timeline for Personnel Actions: Non-Teaching Academic Staff with Indefinite Status

Performance Evaluation:

Annually, by February 15, the immediate supervisor & academic staff member shall meet and review the performance of the academic staff member. (Refer to Faculty and Academic Staff Rules and Procedures, pp. 80-81, for a detailed description of procedures.)

Salary Recommendation:

  • Initiated annually by immediate supervisor.
  • Typically due to Dean or Assistant/Associate Vice/Vice Chancellor in mid-January

Promotion Requests:

  • October 15 - Deadline for academic staff member to submit written request for promotion to immediate supervisor with copy to Unit Director.
  • December 1 - Deadline for immediate supervisor's recommendation for promotion along with supporting documents to be sent to Unit Director (Immediate supervisor has informed the academic staff member in writing whether or not a recommendation for promotion will be forwarded.)
  • December 15 - Deadline for Unit Director to send supported recommendation to appropriate Assistant/Associate Vice/Vice Chancellor or Provost.