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International Education Advisory Board

Membership 2011-2012

  • Susan Peck (2013)—Professor, Nursing
  • Teresa Sanislo (2011)—Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Jill Pinkney Pastrana (2011)—Associate Professor, Department of Foundations of Education
  • Manny Fernandez (2012)—Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages
  • Rama Yelkur (2013)—Professor, Department of Management and Marketing
  • Jian Luo (2012)—Assistant Professor, Department of Art & Design
  • Mary La Rue (2013)—Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology
  • Amelia Tan Gim—Student Representative
  • Etzel Lopez-Ortega—Student Representative
  • Karl Markgraf—Director of International Education (ex-officio and nonvoting)
  • Colleen Marchwick—Study Abroad Coordinator, International Education (ex-officio and nonvoting)
  • Jodi Simek—International Advisor, International Education (ex-officio and nonvoting)
  • Carter Smith—Chair, Department of Foreign Languages (ex-officio and nonvoting)
  • Heather Pearson—Associate Director, Office of Admissions (ex-officio and nonvoting)
  • Becky Drout—Study Abroad Coordinator, Registrar's Office (ex-officio and nonvoting)
  • Donald Mowry—Director, Center for Service-Learning (ex-officio and nonvoting)


  1. To consult with and advise the Provost and Vice Chancellor and the Director of the Center for International Education on matters pertaining to all aspects of international education.
  2. To review proposals related to international education programming, including study abroad and exchange programs, international student and faculty programs, and to make recommendations to the Provost and Vice Chancellor.
  3. To participate in the selection of faculty and staff involved in the teach abroad program.
  4. To review student and faculty/staff evaluations of international education programs.
  5. To promote student and faculty/staff interests in all aspects of international education.
  6. To promote teaching and learning in area studies.
  7. To consult the Center for International Education on matters related to safety and security abroad, immigration, institutional liability, and matters relative to exchange and study abroad programs, as well as international students and faculty.


  1. Six faculty (one representing each of the four colleges; two at large).
  2. One instructional academic staff.
  3. One administrative/professional academic staff.
  4. One U.S. student representing Study Abroad, to be identified by the Center for International Education.
  5. One international student recommended by the Association of International Students.
  6. Ex officio and non-voting:
    • Director of International Education
    • Study Abroad Coordinator(s)
    • Foreign Student Adviser
    • Chair, Department of Foreign Languages
    • Director of Admissions or designee
    • Registrar or designee
    • TESOL Coordinator or designee

Chair: Elected.
Term: Three years, rotating