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University Liberal Education Committee

Current Membership


  1. Recommend criteria for General Education courses and develop the purposes and intended learning outcomes for general education. The criteria, purposes, and intended learning outcomes will be forwarded to the University Senate Academic Policies Committee and the University Senate for approval.
  2. Approve courses for inclusion in the General Education Program, periodically reviewing existing general education courses for reapproval.
  3. Review yearly the UWEC catalog copy regarding General Education.
  4. Work with the office of Academic Affairs to annually evaluate the GE program’s course availability.
  5. Evaluate the GE program’s effectiveness against the General Education goals as passed by the University Senate using information from the Plan for Assessment of Student Academic Achievement, periodically.


  1. Faculty representatives as follows: six from the College of Arts and Sciences; two from the College of Business; two from the College of Education and Human Sciences; and one from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  2. Provost/Vice Chancellor or Designee
  3. One student