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Commencement in Zorn Arena

Priorities and Actions 

Evaluate and revise the graduate program array. 

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of all graduate programs.

    • Academic Affairs will review all graduate programs using the criteria highlighted below.
    • Graduate programs will be invited to respond to the review.
    • Academic Affairs will make one of the following recommendations, using shared governance processes where appropriate:

      • Continuation of the program as is, subject to usual program review procedures and timelines.
      • Revision of the program to more directly address the three criteria above.
      • Elimination of the program.
      • Growth of the program to meet market demand.

  • Apply the following criteria in the review:

    • Response to regional market needs: Does the program provide a post-baccalaureate credential for initial licensure or employment? Does it meet a shortage area? Does the program meet the broader needs of the region?
    • Strategic value of the program: Does the graduate program build on a strength in the undergraduate program array? Does it enhance the campus reputation in a manner that attracts students to campus? Is the program crucial to the mission and vision of the University? Could the mission and vision be equally or better advanced by re-allocating resources elsewhere?
    • Financial sustainability of the program: What level of faculty and financial resources are expended, relative to the number of students served? What courses, particularly low enrollment courses, do we need to offer in order to maintain the program? Does the program provide a significant and stable revenue stream?

  • Utilize the program review process to identify opportunities for continuous improvement and program modernization.
  • Explore new opportunities for graduate programs that are financially sustainable, respond to market needs, and enhance the current strengths and reputation of the University.

Revamp infrastructure, policies, and procedures to better support graduate programming.

  • Examine and assess the University's reliance on UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education and UW System Extension for funding and marketing graduate programs.
  • Eliminate the Graduate Council and use the Academic Policies Committee to review and align undergraduate and graduate policies and procedures.
  • Support graduate faculty with professional development focused specifically on graduate teaching such as best practices, adult learners, and cross-curricular opportunities.
  • Streamline graduate admissions process to support increased enrollment.