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Faculty and staff interacting during a training session

Priorities and Actions  

Develop a flexible faculty workload plan to attract and retain faculty and to support academic excellence.

  • As outlined in the Faculty and Academic Staff Rules and Procedures (FASRP), affirm 12 credit hours of teaching as the base for faculty workload and 15 credit hours of teaching as the base for instructional academic staff workload.
  • Establish alternative workload models for the 15-credit load among teaching, research, and service. Alternative models must continue to meet University needs for overall student credit hours.
  • Establish guidelines, criteria, and processes for workload considerations such as the use of contact hours versus credit hours, jumbo sections, student-faculty ratios, class sizes, and reassignment time.
  • Develop process for yearly documentation of faculty and instructional academic staff workload.

Provide meaningful professional development for faculty and instructional academic staff to meet strategic priorities.

  • Provide professional development for using a variety of instructional methods to meet the needs of all students.
  • Provide time and professional development to faculty and staff for innovative efforts that align with "Creating our Future: UW-Eau Claire Strategic Plan 2016-2020" and this Academic Master Plan.
  • Require professional development in equity, diversity, and inclusivity for all faculty and staff to increase competence regarding cultural diversity, sexual identity and global awareness.
  • Create a Council on Scholarly Activity to support faculty development in a range of scholarly activities.

Revise faculty and instructional academic staff review processes.

  • Revise department evaluation plans and department personnel committee processes in order to create more efficiencies.
  • Revise faculty and staff evaluations to include recognition, reward, and expectation of contributions to equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

Create a sustainable, institutional compensation fund to address faculty and staff pay equity and compression, and to provide for merit increases.