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Students walking over the Edmund Pettus Bridge during UWEC's Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity 

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Equity, diversity, and inclusivity are aspirations that can only be achieved by both the critical examination of institutional practices that permit and perpetuate racism, sexism, and heterosexism and the resolve to make changes based on that critical examination. As a public comprehensive university, we need to educate all students to understand and be able to challenge unequal structures of power and privilege. As an institution, we also need to move from a deficit view to an assets-based view of our students. Each student, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, social class, or sexual orientation comes to our campus with a myriad of experiences, knowledge, and potential. Traditionally, the academy has expected students to conform to a rather narrow understanding of what it means to be prepared for college. We have expected students to demonstrate specific academic behaviors and display certain knowledge as a marker of preparedness and willingness to learn.
As we seek to diversify our population for the good of all students, faculty, staff, and society, we must take on a new perspective to value the diverse assets that all students bring to campus, and seek to fulfill our mission as a higher education institution to provide enticing, effective, efficient, and equitable education for all students, beginning with who they currently are as citizens and learners and providing challenging opportunities to learn and grow.
Carmen Manning
At a predominately white institution like the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UW-Eau Claire), these expectations have aligned with dominant values and experiences. As we continue to diversify our campus community for the good of all students, faculty, staff, and society, we must take on a perspective of valuing and capitalizing on the diverse assets that all students bring to campus. Finally, to achieve meaningful change toward greater equity, diversity, and inclusivity, we need to set expectations, reward contributions, and provide development opportunities for all faculty, staff, and students.

The Enrollment Management Task Force Report (2014), the Campus Climate Survey (conducted in 2015), the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Plan (2016), and "Creating Our Future: UW-Eau Claire 2020 Strategic Plan" each emphasize the urgent need for progress in the area of equity, diversity, and inclusivity. This Academic Master Plan commits faculty and staff to specific reforms and benchmarks to help us achieve these aspirations.