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Student Comments about the Student Sucess Program

"The most beneficial aspect of the Student Success Program was being able to get access to resources on campus that I didn't know of before."

"It really helps and gives students the confidence to succeed."

"The part that was most beneficial to me was learning to handle college.  What I could do to balance priorities, what to do when I'm stressed, who to go to for whatever I need."

"I am a first generation college student and if I didn't have this class I wouldn't know about all the things UWEC could offer."

"I believe the Student Success Program helps to give students an effortless transition to college life, with a little extra help.  It was very beneficial to have this.  It helped in so many areas."

"Everybody is friendly to one another and we're all in the same boat and it doesn't make someone feel they're alone."

"It's not just about helping students get through college, the people you meet and the information you learn can help any student in college.  This class really helps you take advantage of everything UWEC has to offer."

"It was a great program that I think other students should take."


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