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There are three main components to the Student Success Program:


1. Take GEN 100--Introduction to the University Curriculum in the fall.

This 2-credit course, taught by the Student Success Program Coordniator, will help you transition to the university and develop effective study strategies.  It counts as two elective credits.

2. Take RELS 100--World Religions in the fall.

This 3-credit course is one of the most popular GE (general education) classes on campus, with hundreds of students taking it each year because it fulfills requirements for every major.  It is a challenging, rigorous course that will be a great introduction the college-level work.  You will directly apply study strategies from GEN 100 to your work in this class.

(At summer orientation, you and your advisor will choose the rest of your fall schedule!  With a courseload of 12-15 credits, there is still a good deal of room to take the other classes you want or need.)

3. Take a continuation of GEN 100 in the spring.

This 1-credit class meets once per week in the spring and focuses on personal and career exploration and development.  This is the only requirement in the spring, so there will be tons of room in your schedule for other classes you want and need.



But that's not get the benefit of other components as well:


Out of class activities and events

help students learn and connect to the University.

Field trips

allows students to connect with classmates, share common experiences, and learn academic content outside of the classroom.

Course tutoring

is available as needed through the student's first two years.

Academic Coaching

provides one-on-one academic guidance throughout the year to help you keep on track and get the most out of your collegiate experience.


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