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Help or Refer a Student

Whether you are a faculty / staff member or a parent, the ASC can provide assistance.

Our Services link lists the courses we tutor, Supplemental Instruction offerings, the credit-bearing GEN courses available, and the types of evaluations we offer. If you don't see what you're looking for, please send students to our office so we can find a way to assist, even if that means referring to another office on campus.

Resources for Students has downloadable videos, Prezi presentations and handouts that can be used for classes or given to individual students who might struggle with life management, test preparation, textbook reading, lecture note-taking, motivation, or other challenges. We also offer assistance specifically for students getting back on track after academic difficulty.

How to Study in (Almost) Every Situation, written by ASC staff member Holly Hassemer, can be printed out as a reference book for efficient and effective active study techniques.



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