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Program Overview

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire's American Indian Studies major provides numerous opportunities to study the cultures, values, histories, and contemporary lives of the indigenous nations and peoples of North America. 

Through a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses and interaction with American Indian educators, tribal elders, peers, and scholars, students develop their abilities and enhance their knowledge and understandings of native lifeways in accordance with University and tribally defined standards of excellence.

The AIS minor requires 24 credits and is designed to provide both American Indian and non-Indian students with the clear understanding of the distinct lifestyles, political or legal and philosophical or religious systems, as well as the art, music, histories and literature developed by American Indian tribes and individuals.

The AIS major requires 36 credits and is designed to offer a wide range of courses to meet the needs of students. 

What careers are open to an AIS major?

  • Working for an American Indian community
  • Multicultural coordinator in human resources
  • Working in tribal law or government
  • Researcher
  • Multicultural consultant
  • Multicultural student advisor
  • Cultural consultant
  • Museum curator

For more information on how to get started with an AIS career, see our internship page.


What else can an AIS major do for you? 

  • Enhance skills learned in a second major or minor 
  • Law school preparation 
  • Grad school preparation