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Instructors at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire are constantly finding new and innovative ways to increase the opportunities for students to participate in Asian and Asian American studies.

  • The new Japanese Language Minor is one of the exciting options currently available. Through this program students are able to receive thorough, personalized language instruction, and also gain detailed insight into the culture of present day Japan.
  • Students also have the opportunity to work with faculty members to create individualized programs under the Topical Minor heading. The requirements for topical minors are very flexible and allow students to focus on the aspects of culture and language that they find the most interesting. Some examples are "East Asian Studies" and "Asian American and Asian Studies."
  • UWEC also offers a minor in Global Studies. The requirements for this program are also very flexible, and allow students to take a substantial number of Asia-related courses.
  • Students may also consider designing "East Asian Studies" or "Asian American and Asian Studies" concentration as part of Liberal Studies major.