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Nicaragua Application Deadline 2/2/15

Women’s Studies is a multidisciplinary field which looks at women’s roles, contributions and impact on society, as well as women's relationships to issues and institutions by emphasizing cultural, racial, and economic diversity. Enacted as a discipline, Women’s Studies is a site of social change and activism as much as theory. We provide many ways for you to expand your world view, from rigorous, rewarding classes on campus to hands-on learning experiences in the Eau Claire community and across the nation and globe. For example, you can:

• Study with UW-Eau Claire faculty and engage in community service in Nicaragua, site of arguable the most dynamic women’s movement in Latin America.
(2015 Deadline- Monday, February 2nd)

 • Learn about LGBTQ social movements and plan the Eau Queer Film Festival through a travel seminar in San Francisco. 
More Information  Travel Seminar Application 2015     
(2015 Deadline- Monday, February 16th)

• Interact with women leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement and study their achievements through a class that features a 10- day experiential learning excursion to significant southern locations where the movement unfolded.       

 • Take a winterim course with Indian students and faculty at the world renowned Miranda House College, New Delhi, India.

Through such experiences you can learn to connect feminist theory with social practice, becoming a knowledgeable and engaged citizen in our interconnected world.

There is much to gain from taking Women’s Studies courses. This discipline prepares you to think critically while developing open-mindedness, is a great way to increase your sense of competency and to prepare you for meaningful work after graduation.



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