The majority of United States troops involved in the Vietnam War were drafted or volunteered in the 1960’s. Being able to look at the CACF 98 file, which is the most recent collection of data regarding Vietnam War casualties, we found the increase and decrease of soldiers killed throughout the war. Taking the hometowns and time of death for all 58,193 soldiers killed as a result of the Vietnam War, an animation has been created to show this massive increase in numbers. As the number of soldiers rose it is clear that the likelihood of being killed also rose. Before 1965, there was not a large amount of soldiers committed to ground combat. On March 8, 1965 two Marine battalions would start this trend that would progress throughout the war. In fact, by December of the same year, over 200,000 U.S. troops were used in ground combat. Rising numbers of incoming soldiers paired with dangerous small arms ground combat with an enemy that knew the landscape would lead to the number of deaths rising.This map, made using the NHGIS CACF file, shows the total number of soldiers killed in the Vietnam. The map was created using coordinate data for the home town of each soldier. Click here for our ESRI poster

Causes of Death African Americans in the Vietnam War Map of African American deaths by home town
Vietnam War Deaths by State (raw data) Vietnam War Deaths as % of State Population Vietnam War Deaths related to Median Household Income
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