2009 Meeting Links

Mark Lattery - lattery@uwosh.edu
MSE (Physics Track) website:  http://planck.phys.uwosh.edu/lattery/mse/mse.htm

Gary Baier - GBAIER@greenbay.k12.wi.us
Someone left their notes for the bungee jumpers, which are scanned in here If you didn't take notes these will help you recall the session!
These are two of the locations I use to get some of my lab ideas.  PER from Illinois is very good at step by step help for students.  I have the students complete the parabolic motion problems before the my football kicker lab.
http://research.physics.illinois.edu/PER/ie.html Physics Education research at University of Illinois.
 http://phet.colorado.edu/simulations/index.php?cat=Featured_Sims Physics simulations from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Dan Hagstrom - hagstromdan@mhasd.k12.wi.us
Spinning Plant This exercise uses a record player and growing plants to calculate centripetal acceleration.

Hamster Power! Gary Baier - GBAIER@greenbay.k12.wi.us

Comics Workshop - Matt Evans - evansmm@uwec.edu