Thanks for coming to the "workshop"! - Matt

How to look at comics:

•What is Funny?
•What is Right?
•What is Wrong?
•Where in a lesson would I use it?

Sample Links (Many many simple physics cartoons! Look through the archive.)   $1 a month Bad resolution, but good ideas
•Far Side, Fox Trot

Link to comics zipped (almost 500 sorted by folders)

Comments from the workshop:

I like to have something like this for anticipating set, or as an interlude change of pace. But I think asking things like what is wrong here or right is great.

Use as a teaser at the start of class.

I would use this in review/next day opener after a concept has been taught.

I also like to put them at the end of exams for humor, or as extra credit if they can explain.

Introduction to fundamental concepts

Clarification of common misconceptions

Getting the groups attention during a particularly hard/boring/etc. lesson

I really need to use the comics that I have more than I do. I need to break up the monotony of my lec… my informational sessions more.