The 2009 WAPT meeting will be hosted by the Physics Department at UW-Whitewater on Friday and Saturday the 30th and 31st of October. Cost?? Only $10!

In celebration of the International Year of Astronomy our plenary speaker will be Dr. Stephen P. Maran, Scientific Spokesman for the American Astronomical Society. He will present a talk entitled GALILEO TO HUBBLE AND BEYOND . In addition we will raffle off a $20 Galileoscope ( which will be on display and will be demonstrated during the night observing after the talks.

2:00 Kenneth Mendelson Apparent shape of a swimming pool
2:20 Jim Mallmann Some Surprising Facts About How to Determine the Average Density of the Sun and of Other Stars Without Knowing Their Masses or Volumes
2:40 Takamasa Takahashi and Rongyi Du An Elementary Calculation of Gravitational Light Deflection using Snell's Law
3:00 Jim Madsen Cruising, Computing, and Calibrating, Research Activities and Opportunities at UWRF
3:20 Robert Foley Self-firing Pottery (ceramics)using a Microwave Oven
4:00 Mark Lattery Physics Assessment Summit II
5:00 Poster mingle 8 submitted posters plus 40 professional posters celebrating the year of Astronomy
6:30 Dinner Limited number of spaces still available
8:00 Plenary Stephen Maran
9:00 Observatory tour
Saturday Talks
9:00 Roger Hanke Tablet PC Enhanced Lectures
9:20 Ken Mennigen A Technological Teaching Tool
9:40 Brett Unks Pasco Motion Sensors in Introductory Labs
10:00 Mark Lattery A Masters Program for In-Service Physics and Physical Science Teachers
10:40 Jim Reardon Two Types of Traveling Physics Outreach
11:00 Erik Hendrickson Solution Manual Q&A
11:20 Mark Lattery Research on Student Model Formation and Development in Physics
11:40 Equipment giveaway  
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 Business meeting Limited number of spaces available

40 striking images of galaxies, planets and more otherworldly sights will be on public display as part of the international Year of Astonomy! (more info)

There will be equipment/book door prizes (ala the great book giveaway at AAPT) Anyone with a book or two of value to others feel free to donate!

Attendees (added as signed up)

Colleges and Universities are invited to bring some brochures to share with the high school teachers. A table will be set up near registration.

We're going to have a door prize (to raise money, donations appreciated) and will include the GalileoScope and other goodies. There will also be a giveaway of books and equipement provided by UWW and other institutions.

The meeting coordinator is Steven Sahyun, Associate Professor and Dept. Chair at UW-Whitewater.

Registration will open in early September. For registration information please contact Matt Evans

For general information about the WAPT please contact our president Paul Nevins