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• 28-day residency requirement in effect. If you lived on campus during the past year, you may have registered to vote in Ward 20 (upper campus residence halls) or Ward 24 (lower campus residence halls). If that is the case, the new 28-day residency requirement could affect you. A voter must spend the night in the district or ward in Wisconsin where that voter wishes to vote for at least 28 consecutive days before election day.

• Students registering to vote at the polls must present proof of residency. UW-Eau Claire students may download a proof-of-enrollment form (which also provides proof of residency) from MyBlugold CampS, UW-Eau Claire's intranet. Instructions for obtaining the online form can be found on the UW-Eau Claire Records and Registration website under the heading "Enrollment Verification-Student Request."

• No voter IDs required. Two separate injunctions against the photo identification requirements of the voter ID law are in place. This means that Wisconsin residents who are eligible to vote will not be required to produce photo identification at a polling location. Because these injunctions are subject to judicial review, UW-Eau Claire will continue to provide voter ID compliant student ID cards and enrollment verifications to students who request them. As further information becomes available, updates will be provided here and on the UW System Student Voting Guide website.

Voting is a social responsibility embodied in the mission of UW-Eau Claire. There are several opportunities to exercise your right to vote on campus. 

A student must register to vote before he or she can vote at the polls. Registration may be done in advance or at the polls on election day. The voter registration form and instructions, including documentation needed to register, are available online. The UW-Eau Claire Student Senate also now provides an online voter registration tool, which can be found here.

During local, state and national elections, UW-Eau Claire is the voting site for Wards 20 and 24 of the city of Eau Claire:

  • Students living in the upper campus residence halls reside in Ward 20.
  • Students living in the lower campus residence halls reside in Ward 24.

Students living off campus can check the city of Eau Claire Web site to determine their wards and polling locations, or follow these links to maps of wards in which the majority of UW-Eau Claire students reside:

In addition, students are encouraged to cast their votes during campus elections during the year (see links below).


Campus elections

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