Chair's Report for October 14, 1997

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Chancellor Search and Screen:

18 University Faculty names to be forwarded for possible membership on the Chancellor Search & Screen Committee:

Bogstad, Dr. Janice M.

Library, Assoc. Prof., Tenured, (8/90) bogstajm

DaCosta, Dr. Maria N.

Arts & Sciences, Economics, Assoc. Prof., Tenured, (6/89) dacostmn

Dunlap, Dr. William P.

Professional Studies, Curriculum & Instruction, Prof., Tenured, (8/87) dunlapwp

Foust, Dr. J. Brady

Arts & Sciences, Geography, Prof., Tenured, (8/71) bfoust

Harrison, Dr. Susan M.

Arts & Sciences, Computer Science, Senate Chair, Fac. Rep., Asst. Prof., Tenured, (8/83) harrison

Johnson, Dr. Dale A.

Business, Management Information Systems, Prof., Tenured, (8/87) dajohn

Lozar, Dr. Barbara

Arts & Sciences, Psychology, Prof., Tenured, (8/72) lozarb

Mirr, Dr. Michaelene P.

Professional Studies, Adult Health Nursing, Prof., Tenured, (8/81) mirrmp

Myers, Joan M. Rohr

Arts & Sciences, Communication & Journalism, Sr. Lect., Acad. Staff w/ Fac. Status, (8/76) myersjm

Oberly, Dr. James W.

Arts & Sciences, History, Prof., Tenured, (8/83) joberly

Pitts, Bobby L.

Arts & Sciences, Art, Asst. Prof., Tenured, (8/88) pittsbl

Rasar, Lee Anna

Professional Studies, Allied Health, Assoc. Prof., Tenured, (8/90) rasarla

Skrivseth, Dr. Marilyn

Professional Studies, Kinesiology, Assoc. Prof., Tenured, (8/79) skrivsm

Smith, Dr. Edwin L.

Arts & Sciences, Music & Theatre, Prof., Tenured, (8/74) smithel

Weil, Dr. D. Wallace

Business, Management & Marketing, Lecturer, Academic Staff w/Faculty Status, (8/71) weild

Williams, Dr. James M.

Arts & Sciences, Sociology & Anthropology, Assoc. Prof., Tenured, (9/65) williajm

Wineinger, Dr. Thomas

Arts & Sciences, Math, Prof., Tenured, (9/70) wineintw

Wood, Dr. Martin J.

Arts & Sciences, English, Assoc. Prof., Tenured, (8/86) mwood


5 University Academic Staff names to be forwarded for possible membership on the Chancellor Search & Screen Committee:


Hallatt, Margaret M.

Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life, Academic Staff Representative, (9/69) hallatmm

Magadance, Kay

Institutional Planner, Instructional Technology Management, (2/74) magadafk

Vance, Jim J.

Director, American Ethnic Coordinating Office, Academic Career Services, (8/88) vancejj

Welch, Karen A.

English, Senior Lecturer, Teaching Academic Staff, (1/85) welchka

Wilcox, Jean A.

Career Development and Information Manager, Academic Career Services, (10/81) wilcoxja


Legislative matters:


Governor Thompson's Veto Message for the1997-99 State Budget


1997-1999 UWS Biennial Budget Provisions

  1. Financial Aid. Adds $5.2 million to the Wisconsin Higher Education Grant (WHEG) Program for UW students, representing increases of 15.5% / 4.5%. Deletes requirement that tuition fund WHEG increases.
  2. Flexibility. Allows Regents to expend up to 104% / 107% of amount appropriated for tuition and fees. Adds $4 million in 1998-99 to partially offset the cost of a 4.5% pay plan. [ VETOED: "Flexibility will sunset in 1999."]
  3. Education Technology. Provides $15.6 million for BadgetNet, K-12 initiatives, and integration of technology into the curriculum. Release of funds will be contingent on a yet-to-be scheduled Joint Finance hearing, in which the UWS must present for approval an assessment of its educational technology needs including goals for procurement, utilization, and curricular design.
  4. Advising initiative. Adds $80,000 [changed from 400,000] and two [changed from 6] positions for a pilot program at one [changed from two] campus to improve academic and career advising efforts. [Added by governor: request that the pilot be done at a four-year comprehensive institution.]
  5. Minority retention and recruitment. Adds $600,000 for Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant (need-based grants to minority upperclassmen/women); $400,000 for Advanced Opportunity program (economically disadvantaged graduate students); and $450,000 to expand pre-college programs for minorities and disadvantaged students.
  6. Allied Health. Provides $229,800 GPR and $123,900 PR in 1997-99, plus $1,321,000 GPR and $663,000 PR in 1998-99, for allied health programs at UW-Milwaukee and UW-LaCrosse.
  7. UW-Extension. Restores $2 million in base budget cuts.
  8. Pay Plan. Joint Finance has until June 1998 to deposit into the compensation reserve fund up to $20 million to be used toward payment of the state GPR portion of our classified and unclassified pay plan. If sufficient funds (from greater-than-expected revenue collections) are not available a UWS biennial base cut of up to $6.7 million will be required to fund the classified pay plan approved by JOCER. If the $20 million is available, up to a $3.8 million biennial reallocation will be required to fully fund that portion of the classified pay plan the state has not fully funded.

Compensation Plan









Nonrep. Classified*



*(plus 1% annual discretionary Performance Recognition Award)

Sample of Other Provisions:

  1. Administrative cut to UWSA of $171,000 / year (campuses protected).
  2. Study of Wisconsin Public Broadcasting.
  3. Base cut of $873,300 (to fund WHEG).
  4. Base cut to UW System's vehicle fleet ($519,800).
  5. Legislative Audit Bureau study of mass transit services.
  6. DOA study of UW real estate management and classroom utilization.
  7. Required tuition subsidy statement.
  8. Study of management to staff ratio.
  9. Flexibility of credit outreach at UW-Extension.
  10. Report on UW-Extension budget reductions.
  11. Report on actions to improve UW-Extension accountability and efficiency.

Some of the Vetoes related to the UW System: (page numbers noted refer to Governor's Vetoes message on the web)

  1. Sunset of Tuition Revenue Authority - eliminates sunset at end of biennium (p. 6)
  2. Executive Salaries - vetoes new maximum salaries for executive positions; requests DER study by January 31, 1998 (p.6)
  3. Auxiliary Enterprises - eliminates administrative rule requirement and JFC approval of requests to transfer funds (p. 6)
  4. Study of UW Faculty Salaries - eliminates study by LaFollette Institute (p. 7)
  5. Advising Initiative - reduces funding for positions from six to two for a pilot program. (p. 7)
  6. UW-Extension - eliminates increase in funding for School for Workers (p. 8)
  7. Large IT System Oversight - eliminates requirement that DOA report to JFC on all IT projects exceeding $1 million. (p. 52)
  8. Retirement Reports - eliminates required reports on: (1) feasibility of reopening the variable investment option and (2) extent to which WRS participants are "double-dipping". (p. 57)

Grievance Workshop: All day Thursday, contact WCWC representative R. Dale Dick or Senate Office.

Technology Issues: UW-System Information Technology Plan, Center for Learning Innovation, funding