Academic Staff Representatives Council Meeting

May 4, 2007


The Academic Staff and Faculty Representatives had a joint meeting with President Reilly, Regent Spector, and Interim Senior Vice President Martin. The following topics were discussed.


Shared Governance Principles and Guidelines: a joint statement of the Faculty Representatives and Academic Staff Representatives

     As you remember, both faculty and academic staff were deeply unhappy about the way that proposed changes to personnel rules were initiated and brought to governance in the past several years. Both groups strongly believe that consultation means involving faculty and academic staff from the beginning in “early, active, and wide consultation”, not coming to us at the end for input.

      President Reilly and Regent Spector replied to the joint statement in a positive manner. Three things will happen.

      First, Ron Singer, Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Services will be appointed “point person” to work with both groups and be available for shared governance “communication/consultation”.

      Secondly, Faculty and Academic Staff Representatives are encouraged to establish an  “informal working relationship with ‘their’  Regent(s)” to raise Regent awareness of the roles of both groups in governance. In practice what this means is that the representative can call the Regent(s) and arrange to meet with them whenever they are in the area, instead of waiting to see if they are included when a Regent visits campus.

     Third, a small group will work with Regents and UWS administration to spell out in detail areas where we expect consultation.


LAB Audit and Fringe Benefit Advisory Committee

     Many of the points that were made in the UWEC Senate discussion were brought up here. Discussion also focused on the new recommendation to eliminate colleague coverage. Responses to this recommendation are due by Oct. 31, 2007.


UW System Administration Mission and Vision

     A draft was shared with the group for response.


Recruitment and Retention Fund (a.k.a. star fund)

      The faculty representatives told President Reilly that this is “universally unpopular”. Other methods to let legislators know about failed searches and non-competitive salaries were discussed. (Only research academic staff are eligible for these funds).


Pay Plan

     The earliest that we might know about this would be the first two weeks of June when JOCER meets. In the context of this discussion Regent Spector indicated a willingness to look at the issue of IAS pay. It was suggested that perhaps IAS pay could be indexed against the disciplinary average on campus, instead of against System minima pay for faculty ranks, since that minimum salary has not been used for years on most campuses.


Student Lending Issue

     President Reilly indicated that this is the next big issue facing the System. He talked about a possible System code of conduct for selecting who is a preferred lender.


Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative