Academic Staff Representatives Council Teleconference

April 5, 2007


Criminal Background Check Template

     UW System has made some changes to its policy and to its template since our governance groups last reviewed it. Representatives were asked to have the changes reviewed by their governance groups and to send their comments to Al Crist.


Shared Governance Guidelines

     We reviewed a draft of the shared governance principles and guidelines. The final version will be presented to President Reilly and discussed with him at the May 5 joint meeting of faculty and academic staff representatives. As you remember, both sets of representatives believe that governance means including faculty and academic staff at the very beginning of any new policy development or revision to existing policies. This document is a means of formalizing our perspective for UW System administrative leadership and the Board of Regents.


New Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

     Rebecca Martin informed us that the new person hired for this position will have strategic planning for the UW System as part of the job. She invited the representatives to email her with our comments on what else should/could be part of the job duties. UW system administration is seeking comments from all major stakeholders about this position.


Sick Leave/Fringe Benefits Advisory Committee Recommendations

     These have been sent to the faculty and academic staff representatives with instructions to take them to their governance groups for comment.  Academic staff representatives had several comments. First, section 1, c, where an employee could indicate the use of vacation or other leave in lieu of sick leave was seen as intrusive on a monthly report. Some employees use vacation in order to avoid intrusive questions about what their medical issues are. It was suggested that this could be accomplished by simply asking employees once a year to check yes or no on whether they had used vacation or other leave in place of sick leave.

     Representatives questioned the provisions in section II, 2, but were told that these are directed at faculty who have never turned in a leave report, not responding to requests from anyone, including their Deans. This part is to address the “really egregious cases.”


Hire/fire contracts that contradict UPG #3.05

     UPG #3.05 provides direction on increasing job security for academic staff who have served the institution for a substantial period of time.  The representatives asked UW System to follow the provisions of UPG #3.05 (4) and to encourage campuses to review how increased job security can be offered to IAS and APAS.


Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative