Academic Staff Representatives Council Meeting

March 15, 2007


The meeting focused on updates on a number of current issues.


Chippewa Valley Technical College Liberal Arts Transfer Program

     Rebecca Martin, Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, reported on this initiative and answered questions about how this will work.


Legislative Audit Bureau Oct 2006 report (Al Crist, Associate Vice President for Human Resources)

     The UW Fringe Benefits Advisory Committee has made recommendations that identify several policy and practice areas for possible changes in leave reporting.  President Reilly will be sending out information on these to faculty and academic staff representatives and asking for governance input, due back by October 31, 2007.


Criminal Background Check Policy (Al Crist)

     Apparently there is still a May 1, 2007 deadline for campuses to submit their local implementation plans. However, there appears to still be confusion about who is supposed to be checked, when, and by whom, especially around the area of student employees and campuses are still working on their plans.


Collective Bargaining

     Al Crist thinks this will be pulled out of the budget and become a separate bill because it is a controversial issue.


Shared Governance Protocol

     Representatives discussed a working draft of this prepared by the faculty representatives. One part of it suggests that the representatives meet and establish an informal relationship with the Regent(s) assigned to our campuses. We pointed out that we are often not included as someone to meet when Regents visit our campuses. We were assured that we can contact the office for the Board of Regents ourselves, ask them to inform us when our Regent will be in the area, and arrange our own lunch or meeting with the person. We will be continuing to work with the faculty representatives on this.


Academic Staff Leadership Conference

     The conference will be at UW Superior, June 28-29, 2007.  Regent Mark Bradley is scheduled to speak. The website to register will be up the first week in April.  UW-Eau Claire’s Provost’s Office will again sponsor six academic staff from Eau Claire to attend the conference. Anyone who is interested, please contact me.


Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative