Academic Staff Representatives Council Meeting

February 15, 2007


Follow-up from December Board of Regents meeting

     This included discussion of the UW System Freshman Admissions Policy and of the Chippewa Valley Technical College Associate of Science Degree Liberal Arts Transfer Program. The admissions policy appeared to be similar to what our campuses are already doing but the CVTC proposal is a new program and so generated more discussion.  According to the executive summary prepared for the February Board of Regents meeting,

     “In 2004-05, CVTC had 4.6% of the total WTCS associated degree enrollment. However, its 246 student transfers represented 9.1% of the total WTCS students transferring to UW institutions. More recent data indicate that in the 2005-2006 academic year, 229 students transferred from CVTC to UW institutions.”

     Currently similar collegiate transfer programs are offered at Madison Area Technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and Nicolet Area Technical College.

     There will be further consideration of the proposed CVTC transfer program at another Board of Regents meeting.


Shared Governance Process

     In past meetings both the faculty representatives and the academic staff representatives have expressed unhappiness at the way that recent personnel policy decisions did not involve governance from the beginning.  To remedy this, faculty and academic staff representatives are working to develop “a set of guidelines for consultation with shared governance groups in policy development with System Administration and the Board of Regents.”  Academic Staff representatives appointed a three person committee to work with the faculty representatives on the guidelines.



Freda Harris, Associate Vice President, went over the UW System Summary of Governor’s 2007-09 Budget Recommendations. You can access this summary on line at


Academic Staff Peer Comparison Study

The Academic Staff Representatives have been pressing UW System administrators to help develop the information/data necessary to improve our salaries. As you probably remember, UW System information indicates that academic staff are 23.4% below market rates as compared to their peer comparison groups.  A lively discussion of what has and hasn’t been done occurred.

     In the course of the discussion, we discovered that access to the “Red Book” which lists all salary information for the UW System has been slightly changed, making it harder to find. It can now be accessed from a UW System computer at


Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative