Academic Staff Representatives Council Meeting

December 14, 2006



The academic staff representatives teleconference focused on a number of current issues.


Shared Governance: A committee will be formed to establish a protocol for actively involving shared governance groups in developing policy on issues such as UWS 7 and 11, so that there could be collaboration between the Board of Regents and the governance groups the next time the need arose. Current discussion was that the committee to be formed would include both faculty and academic staff representatives.


Pay Plan:  The current proposal includes a recruitment and retention provision, also known as a “star fund”. The representatives questioned whether any of this money would go to the comprehensives or would it just be used for Madison and Milwaukee. Because academic staff pay lags behind peer institutions, even more than faculty pay, the representatives asked what measures were being considered to rectify this.  Discussion ensued on how to best gather and present information to the Board of Regents and Legislature on this issue.


LAB Audit of UW Personnel Policies:  The Board of Regents committee advising on a response has been meeting (Dennis Shaw of UW-Stout is the academic staff representative on the committee). Use of sick leave is a key issue to be addressed. The UWS Fringe Benefits Committee will also bring recommendations. A report is due on June 1, 2007, but solutions proposed do not have to be in place until later.


Academic Staff Leadership Conference:  Donna Dahlvang (UW Superior) will be sending out a call for proposals for the conference.  Responses are due by February 16, 2007.  (All academic staff at UW Eau Claire have been sent a copy of the call for proposals.  For another copy, contact me ( or contact Donna ( directly.)


The academic staff representatives teleconference on January 11, 2007 was cancelled. The next meeting is scheduled for February 15, 2007 in Madison.


Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative