Academic Staff Representatives Council Meeting

October 12, 2006



The academic staff representatives teleconference focused on a number of current issues.


LAB Report: Al Crist, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, explained that what may happen after the report is public would be consultation with human resources officers at the UW System institutions and with the standing UW System Fringe Benefits Committee.  Areas of interest in the report include the use of sick leave by unclassified staff and the use of the “consultant” title.  Apparently LAB auditors also still questioned why tenure was granted to individuals in limited positions when the individuals were hired from outside the UW System. 


Compensation: Al Crist reported that President Reilly and he will meet with the Compensation Advisory Committee tomorrow to consult with them as part of the process of developing a pay plan request for the December Board of Regents meeting.  Academic staff representatives who will be attending that meeting pointed out that the mailing they received did not contain information on how far behind academic staff salaries are in relation to their peer group.


Criminal Background Check: Al said his biggest concerns in drafting the policy and in reviewing the local implementation rules are insuring that the information gathered on individuals is secure and that there is an appropriate and fair review of each individual, especially where there is no nexus between the position being applied for and the past criminal offense. Someone asked again if the background check was only for felonies and was reminded by Al that in such a check anything that is out there is discoverable.


Growth Agenda: Ron Singer, Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Services, shared that the faculty representatives had expressed concerns that they were not involved in generating their campus proposals and as a result did not feel very connected to those proposals. He asked if academic staff representatives felt similar concerns. Academic staff representatives voiced that they were uncomfortable being asked to simply agree to whatever has already been developed.


The next meeting will be November 16, 2006 in Van Hise Hall in Madison.



Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative