Academic Staff Representatives Council Meeting

September 14, 2006



The first meeting of each academic year is an orientation session to inform us of major issues facing the UW System. This year President Reilly met with us to discuss the Growth Agenda, his vision for the future of the UW System, and how the budget reflects this vision. President Reilly especially urged us to share with our colleagues the information on the Growth Agenda and the questions for candidates for elected office, fall 2006. I have included those handouts with my report.


Senior Vice President Marrett told us that this year UW System will re-visit the topic of integrating category B and C Academic Staff in the responsibilities of the institution. This was last looked at in 2001 and at that time UW System made no recommendations on titling. Apparently this time attention will be paid to titling.


The representatives expressed discontent that we seem to be told policy and practice after the fact (and invited to react to what has already been done), but do not seem to be involved in the development of policy and practice. Each of us will be talking with our faculty representatives to see if they are experiencing similar feelings. The representatives expressed interest in meeting again jointly with the faculty representatives.


Judy Blackstone

Academic Staff Representative