Academic Staff Representatives Council Meeting

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Board of Regents meeting: Governor Jim Doyle will be attending the May meeting. Four new Regents have been appointed. Information about them is on the Governor’s website.


Per Credit Tuition: There was a long discussion as Reps wanted to know more. I have the handouts from UW Stout’s presentation to UW System’s Administrative Staff and from their Board of Regents presentation. Their shift to per credit tuition is part of their movement towards a “digital campus environment.” If anyone would like copies of the handouts, let me know.


UPG 2, 3, 4: Al Crist reported on the changes to these that reflect the new Board of Regents directives on limited appointments and “back up” appointments. He also said that Chancellors will be bringing us a draft for governance input on a policy for pre-employment background checks. This policy is scheduled to be presented at the June Board of Regents meeting.


Growth Agenda: Freda Harris talked about plans to increase the number of Wisconsin residents with baccalaureate degrees in the state via the UW System schools retaining and graduating more students as well as increasing the numbers of students coming into higher education, especially students who are low income, minority, first generation and non-traditional. It sounds like the budget request that is currently being drafted may ask for more funds in order to increase grads in high need areas as well as for funds for increased financial aid for low income students. For the UW System to take in students from Governor Doyle’s Wisconsin Covenant proposal, additional budget money will be requested to meet the needs of these students.

     A discussion of pay plans, including catch up and keep up needs, will occur at the June Board of Regents meeting.


Disciplinary Process: Comments have been received from governance groups and are being considered as the final draft is readied for presentation to the Board of Regents.


Taxpayer Protection Amendment: It is now unclear whether this will pass this legislative session.


Margaret Lewis, Associate Vice President for Government Relations, will be speaking to the UW Stout Academic Staff Senate on May 9. If anyone wishes to attend, please contact the Academic Staff Representative for Stout, Vi Jones (


The Faculty Representatives and the Academic Staff Representatives will have a joint meeting with President Reilly on May 18 in Madison.


Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative