Academic Staff Representatives Teleconference

February 16, 2006



Governance Input on draft procedures for proposed UWS 7

     Academic Staff on each campus were urged to comment on this, despite it currently only addressing faculty discipline. We were told that there will be a second document specific to academic staff that will mirror the faculty document. Work will begin on the second document once the faculty draft UWS 7 is finished. We were told that UW System wants official action from our governance bodies.


President Reillyís Vision for the Future: The UW Growth Agenda

     Reilly had talked with legislators and got their support on the Chancellor pay increases that were acted upon at the last Board of Regents meeting. We were told that the UW System administrators were encouraged by how the legislative leadership was giving its support. There was much discussion on the Governorís proposed Wisconsin Covenant and on the UW Systemís proposed response.


Limited Titles

     There was more discussion of the impact of the new decision about eliminating backup positions for individuals in limited titles. Academic staff who are directors of units on every campus are usually in limited positions (so that administration would have flexibility if someone were not doing their job). However without some sort of job security for those at these lower administrative positions, it may be difficult to find the best qualified candidates in national searches. UW System personnel and human resources staff at each campus are trying to come up with solutions.


SB 462 (Collective Bargaining)

     UW System staff had received word that the bill will not come out of committee.


Academic Staff Leadership Conference

     UW Eau Claire will be hosting this in July 2006.


The next meeting will be a teleconference on March 16 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  You are welcome to join me in the Senate office and participate.


Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative