Academic Staff Representatives Teleconference

January 19, 2006



Update on the Board of Regents Committee Regarding Faculty/Academic Staff Disciplinary Process

     This committee met in December to work on streamlining the disciplinary process for employees who are indicted for a crime. Employees are to inform their supervisors of the indictment.

     For “heinous crimes” (murder, arson, etc.), the Provost is to do an investigation. If there is a likelihood that the person committed the crime, the Provost can remove the employee from the payroll and/or dismiss them. Academic staff can be terminated at the institution level by the Chancellor but the Board of Regents removes faculty. There is no review or appeal in this process of removal.

     For less heinous crimes (stalking for example) a different process is followed which requires judgment on the part of the Provost. An employee may be dismissed or there may be a lesser penalty.

     UW System administrators would like feedback from governance groups on this. To view the draft policy, please go the UW System website, then to Board of Regents. The full agenda for the February 9-10, 2006 Board of Regents meeting will be posted 2-3 days before the meeting and will include the full report of the committee. Each of us will want to share the draft report with our constituents so that we can convey their feedback to our Chancellor and to Senate.


Academic Staff Leadership Conference

     No campus has yet volunteered to host the conference for July 2006.


Resident Assistants Working Group Report

     A report has been submitted and there is a forum for public feedback that can be accessed at the UW System website, under the News and Events heading. ( )


SB 452 (Collective Bargaining)

     Al Crist, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, testified before the committee that is considering this bill. His testimony can be accessed at the UW System website under Legislative Update, Legislative Committee Action (



Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative