Academic Staff Representatives Teleconference

November 17, 2005


The meeting was chaired by Cora Marrett, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.


  1. Discussions with the Board of Regents: Bill Steffenhagen, president of ASPRO (Academic Staff Public Representation Organization), reported that ASPRO members have met individually with ten regents.


Topics covered included: who are academic staff? Statutes that grant academic staff governance rights and “a place at the table”; the pay plan and the recent budget cuts that fell primarily on academic staff.


ASPRO representatives have also met with members of the state legislature. The feedback is that legislators do not “see blood on the floor”. Hence they believe that their cuts have not impacted our ability to serve students. The ASPRO representatives reported that legislators simply do not understand the role of support services in student retention and success in college.


  1. Follow up to Resolution 1.2.c (Review of Employment Policies and Practices). Pat Brady, UW System Attorney, reported on the following:

-limited appointments: The Board of Regents passed Resolution 1.2.b which eliminates “backup” appointments for anyone hired into the UW System who is not granted a “concurrent tenure appointment as part of the employment contract process”. Those without a “concurrent tenure appointment” will be given “not more than six months notice of termination”.

-“felons”: The LAB audit of employees to identify those with felonies is just starting. It is unclear what will happen once individuals are identified.

-disciplinary process: Right now there is talk of a list of specified crimes that would trigger an expedited disciplinary process (like 50 days). This proposed new process will be reported at the December Board of Regents meeting. It is apparently important to be able to tell the public that the UW System is not paying people who have been convicted of crimes.


  1. Provost Efficiency Study: I can share a copy of this review of cost saving measures with anyone who wishes to have one. The section of interest to academic staff is that all professional development monies (faculty and academic staff) will be given to individual campuses to be used with no UW System oversight. It was indicated to the AS Reps that it is our responsibility to insure that the academic staff share continues to fund academic staff development.


The next Academic Staff Representatives Council meeting will be a teleconference on Dec. 15, 2005.



Judy Blackstone

Academic Staff Representative