Academic Staff Representatives Council Meeting

Thursday, May 18, 2006


The Academic Staff Representatives and the Faculty Representatives met jointly with President Kevin Reilly in the morning and then separate meetings of each group were held in the afternoon.


President Reilly discussed his growth agenda, his communications initiative, and the structural changes he was making within his staff. His big message was that in the past six years the UW System has been cut by $400 million, cut 1000 positions, and added 3,800 students. Both the faculty representatives and academic staff representatives raised discussion issues and concerns with President Reilly. Both groups raised concerns about the proposed disciplinary process, about the budget and personnel needed to carry out a growth agenda when faculty and staff are already stretched, and about the need for top administrators, including Chancellors and Regents, to understand Chapter 36 (governance).


In the separate meeting for academic staff representatives, discussion focused on the upcoming Leadership Conference at UW-Eau Claire as well as on the proposed policy on criminal conviction background checks. Some campuses, like UW Extension, already check all new hires. UW-Madisonís committee is apparently recommending checking all new hires. There was much discussion of how to ensure academic staff representatives would attend Board of Regents meetings. This was a continuation of a concern raised in the joint meeting of how both faculty and academic staff representatives could improve their communication with the Board of Regents. The academic staff representatives felt the joint meeting with the faculty representatives was useful and recommended doing this again.


Judy Blackstone, Academic Staff Representative