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University Senate Committee: Academic Staff Personnel Committee


Charge to the Committee (Brief History of the Issue – why the issue is being considered):  The Academic Staff Personnel Committee was asked to review the process for promotion to Senior Lecturer.  The goal was to clarify language and strive for consistency.


Points Discussed by Committee:

  • Clarity of language: When years are mentioned, at what point must the years be completed?  Is it at time of application, or when the promotion comes into effect?
  • Consistency: Seven years for Senior Lecturer while only five for Associate Professor.  Sometimes there are different expectations/opportunities in different departments
  • Need to give supervisors the ability to make exceptions for extraordinary circumstances.


Pros of Recommendation:

  • Adds language to clarify when years of service must be completed in relationship to the promotion process
  • Adds language to allow “exceptions to the rule” for exemplary performance


Cons of Recommendation

  • The concern was raised that the APAS series still requires seven years for promotion


Motion for the University Senate

The University Senate Academic Staff Personnel Committee, by a vote of 7-0-0 (for, against, abstain), on April 14, 2008 moves that the University Senate approve the following changes to the Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook, Chapter 5, page 55.  (additions in bold; deletions struck through):


Senior        A Senior Lecturer has subject matter expertise in an academic discipline.  In addition, a Senior Lecturer has extensive teaching experience (a minimum of seven years in the position or in a comparable position) gained through employment at UW-Eau Claire and/or other universities.  A lecturer at this level has gained a reputation among his or her peers for demonstrably sustained superior contributions to teaching within a department or division.  It is expected that the Senior Lecture will independently select, develop, and organize course content and instructional materials and approaches. Involvement with committees engaged in supporting this development is typical.  However, the direct delivery of instruction is the primary responsibility of the individual holding this title.  In addition, a Senior Lecturer has extensive teaching experience with a minimum of five years full-time-equivalency (FTE) in the position or in a similar position of which at least two years were served at UW-Eau Claire.  Minimum years of full-time experience must be completed by the time of application and does not include the year in which the promotion evaluation occurs.  


Exceptions to these minimum requirements may be made when it is believed that the lecturer’s performance and contributions merit promotion. (US ?/??)




Implementation date:


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