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Proposal to Establish a Liberal Studies (LS) Course Prefix and inclusion of the LS prefix in GE Categories IC, IIF, IIIG, IVE, and V




University Senate Academic Policies Committee


Brief History of the Issue

The proposed prefix supports the proposed Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree and Liberal Studies Comprehensive Major.  Courses with the LS prefix would have a strong liberal education basis and draw from multiple disciplinary perspectives in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and/or social sciences.  The “home” for the LS prefix would be the College of Arts and Sciences.  The new prefix would be used most immediately for the three Liberal Studies seminars required for the Liberal Studies Comprehensive Major.  It is possible that other liberal studies courses will be developed in the future which would utilize the LS prefix. 

Given the interdisciplinary topics and issues potentially included in LS courses and the possibility that the courses may be appropriate for General Education designation, it is requested that LS prefix be placed in the General Education subcategories of GE-IC, Interdisciplinary Studies-Communications, GE-IIF, Interdisciplinary Studies-Natural Sciences, GE-IIIG, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Sciences, GE-IVE, Interdisciplinary Studies-Humanities, as well as in GE-V, University-Wide General Education as appropriate to the course.  GE placement would be requested as courses are developed and submitted for approval by the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee and University General Education Committee.


Points Discussed by Committee:

  • Use of LS prefix courses in existing majors and minors
  • How diverse course content would be communicated on transcripts



  • Helps students and advisors keep track of LS offerings
  • Placement of LS courses in GE categories increases flexibility in completing degree requirements



  • None




The University Academic Policies Committee by a vote of 8 votes for and 0 votes against, recommends to the University Senate that a LS (Liberal Studies) Course Prefix and inclusion of the LS prefix in GE Categories IC, IIF, IIIG, IVE, and V be established. 


Implementation Date: On approval


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