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University Senate Committee: Compensation Committee


Charge to Committee (Brief History of Issue - why the issue is being considered):

The Compensation Committee regularly recommends to the University Senate a salary plan outlining policies for the distribution of salary adjustments at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.  This motion represents that recommendation for 2009-11.


Points Discussed by Committee:


  • The Plan continues Post-Tenure Review salary adjustments for faculty.
  • The Plan recommends continued distribution of 2/3 Solid Performance and 1/3 Merit.
  • The Committee agreed to maintain the current UW–Eau Claire salary minima for faculty at the ranks of Instructor and Assistant Professor and for the Associate Lecturer title.  Minimum salary for instructional academic staff Lecturer was raised to $200 above system minima, and minima for Professor, Associate Professor, and Senior Lecturer were raised to System minima. 
  • The current faculty promotion adjustments were increased after being compared to 7.5% of the median assistant professor salary and 10% of the median associate professor salary for 2008-09.
  • Maintained current plans for merit increases.


Pros of Recommendation:

  • The plan includes sufficient flexibility to handle various pay plan percentages.
  • The plan maintains the familiar faculty and instructional academic staff merit rating system.
  • The plan maintains the familiar administrative and professional academic staff merit system.
  • The plan increases promotion amounts based on a previously established and accepted basis.
  • The plan maintains communication back to immediate supervisors in the event of changes in merit recommendations or ratings.


Cons of Recommendation:

  • The plan increases promotion amounts thereby placing a higher burden on already limited budgets.
  • The plan remains more complex than some people would prefer.
  • The plan maintains the familiar administrative and professional academic staff merit system.
  • The plan allows a subsequent supervisor to reject the merit ratings/recommendations of a lower-level supervisor thus creating a potential source of frustration for faculty and academic staff members whose original merit ratings are not accepted.
  • The plan does not adequately address the market shortfall of UW-Eau Claire salaries compared to peer or national institutions.
  • The plan does not provide an aggressive strategy for addressing salary compression.







The University Senate Compensation Committee by a vote of 7-0 (for, against), on October 9, 2008, recommends that the University Senate present the following plan to the Chancellor as the recommended 2009-2011 Comprehensive Salary Plan.



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