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Professional Development Fund

Description Reimburse classified staff for expenses related to professional development events/training.
Amount Up to $200 as funds are available
Eligibility Criteria Criteria for approving requests may include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Full- or part-time classified staff, whether permanent, limited-term, or project.
  • Training will contribute to the employee’s professional development.
  • Number of requests from that department, and the dollar amount already awarded to its employees, does not seem excessive relative to similar departments.
  • Whether or not you are being reimbursed/paid for presenting/moderating
Reimbursed Expenses The following expenses are all eligible for reimbursement:
  • Travel expenses (mileage/flight)
  • Lodging/meals
  • Registration
Restrictions This fund MAY NOT be used for the following:
  • Mandatory Training
  • Training needed to pass probation
  • Tuition fees
Application Procedure Fill out the Online Application.
Application Deadline Applications are accepted throughout the year. Please apply at least a month before the training (if possible.)
Selection Procedure The Classified Staff Funding Committee meets monthly to review and award funding requests based upon the criteria above.
Notification The Classified Staff Scholarship Committee will send a notification email to the recipient and the recipient is to notify the Classified Staff Council Treasurer upon expenditure of granted funds.