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University Staff - Who are we and where are we located?

According to the UW System's "Attributes of Classified and Unclassified Employees," classified status includes permanent, project and limited term (LTE) employees who have been hired through the Wisconsin Civil Service System. Information specific to classified and LTE policies is available online.

At UW-Eau Claire, classified employees are distributed throughout the university's campus, including the Marshfield site. Of 623 classified employees:

  • 404 are permanent,
  • 207 are limited-term (LTE),
  • 12 are project appointments.
    (Data is supplied by UW-Eau Claire Human Resources.)

The distribution of classified employees in different buildings is illustrated in the images below. > Table view.

Classified Permanent for 2013  Classified LTE for 2013 Classified Project for 2013 

Permanent Staff

LTE Staff

Project Staff